2014 Exhibition Report

2014 was our 11th year and once again we were blessed with 4 warm days.

There was a feeling of joy and real happiness throughout the garden, everyone so appreciative of the work offered for sale. There were some amazing pieces and the quality was again superb. There is no doubt that the combination of great work & a beautiful setting can enhance artworks and feed your soul.

We were delighted with the Guest Sculptor Ben Foster who presented Speedy and aluminium greyhound painted white with car paint, every join perfection.

Nic Dillon as always intrigued with wonderful paintings of birds and a magnificent hare, with that very clever attention to the eyes which captured the pause before flight so perfectly.

Henry Turner was the emerging artist aged 14 with a great future. He had been to the Auckland Islands and illustrated the hunger of feeding albatrosses beautifully in his painting called Kai

Fun with bubbles

Go Potty's Fun with bubbles classes

Tuscan Papworth was the emerging sculptor creating wonderful sculptures using recycled metals.

The music throughout the 4 days added a great deal; as did our streamside café, with so many treats for all to enjoy. The children’s classes were well attended with great industry going on throughout the weekend, with gorgeous bowls being decorated by the children, and limestone being turned into wonderful little sculptures. It always gives the AiaG team a lot of pleasure encouraging children to be creative

The Peoples Choice for outside work was won by Jack Marsden Mayer with his 2 Moas made of driftwood. The inside work was won by Simon Edwards with a magnificent painting of the Canterbury Plains which we all coveted.

We raised $8000 for St John Amuri and Cancer.

Penny Zino Alison Meyer Pip Miller

2014 Winners

Peoples Choice

Moa 1 by Jack Marsden-Mayer

Moa 1 by Jack Marsden-Mayer


Rainfall on the Canterbury Plans by Simon Edwards

Rainfall on the Canterbury Plains by Simon Edwards


Winner for Entering Peoples Choice
Sandra Mehrtens: won the case of wine from Waipara Springs for filling in the People Choice form. 

St John Amuri Raffle
1st prize:  "Terns" by the late Jim Instone : Almut Perrett
2nd prize:  2 nights at Cheltenham House : Viv Jarrold

Cancer Society Raffle
Christmas Cake: Julie Graham
Mud Cake: Nell McKellow

Childrens Quiz Winners

Family swimming pass at Hanmer Thermal pools
Milly Sidey
Maggie Ferguson

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