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Tony O’Grady lives in South Brighton, Christchurch. He has been making sculpture and painting for over 25 years now. The sculptural mediums he works in, are: stone, wood, clay, plaster, concrete, wax and bronze.

Tony loves the physicality of making sculpture especially ‘carving’. The majority of his sculpture over the years has been ‘figurative’ but he has also produced a number of ‘abstract’ sculptures. The most influential and inspirational sculptors, especially in the early days have been Brancusi; Moore and Noguchi.

It is the human figure that has always been a fascinating subject for Tony, to apply sculptural ideas of mass, weight and balance, positive and negative space to. Then on a personal level, spiritual level to work out your vision and through that struggle to maybe impress on the viewer something new and vital.

Tony wants to create powerful, monumental work that stands the test of time and of the critic, hoping his work will show something unique, individual and even uplifting.
“Carving timber, opening up stone with hammer and chisel you becomes familiar in the knowledge of the materials, its geology; its growth; its inherent attributes. With this comes knowledge of the land you live in, Aotearoa / New Zealand, its geography; the landscape and its peoples, and to also be able to draw upon a history of New Zealand (and whole world history of) sculpture is all influential and vital in the placing of my work in a New Zealand context.”