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Sophie Divett is a Christchurch based jeweller, specialising in nature-inspired pieces and one-off bespoke jewels. Working mainly in sterling silver, gold, bronze and precious gems, her aesthetic draws on the delicately flawed beauty of natural forms, and repetitive textures and patterns found in nature.  Sophie has a Diploma in Jewellery Design, from Whitireia, New Zealand and a Bachelor of Fine Art from Whitecliffe, College of Art and Design, Auckland.

“I’ve always been very inspired by the natural world, and ancient artefacts. I am fascinated by the way centuries-old objects develop the marks of time through corrosion and decay, and it is uncertain where the original object ends and the hand of nature begins. I like to think about this when making many of my jewels- they are made to be worn, and the impressions left by the wearer as it takes the knocks of life and becomes polished next to the skin become part of the piece.”

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