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Representing Sēmisi Fetokai Potauaine in this exhibition, is part of a collaboration with SCAPE Public Art.  The experts in the installation of public art, based in Christchurch. Over the past 20 years SCAPE has become the largest producer of new contemporary public artwork in New Zealand.

Sēmisi was born, raised and trained in the old culture in Tonga and educated in Aoteroa-New Zealand and abroad in art and architecture. His practice, lectures and research concentrates on ta–va (time and space), culture and language, theory and practice and, art and literature amongst others.

Joining the VAKA ‘A HINA Supporters is your opportunity to invest in the cultural diversity and resilience of Christchurch’s community through this lasting visual symbol of unity.

The work VAKA ‘A HINA is a symbol of solidarity and togetherness, transcending cultures and spirituality. It is a lasting legacy of hope. Ancient Tongan and Moana Oceania (Pacific) folklore provide the background story for VAKA ‘A HINA (meaning in English ‘Vessel of Hina’). Hina is a Tongan goddess who lives on the moon above the langi (sky) in vāvā (outer space) and travels frequently back and forth to maama (Earth). VAKA ‘A HINA can be imagined as the vessel or receptacle she uses as transportation on these intergalactic trips – it’s her vaka (canoe) – thus evoking ideas of travel, motion and movement.

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