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Rory was born and raised in the Highlands of Scotland.  He had a formal introduction to Keltic art by secondary school teacher, at the Inverness Royal Academy, Scotland and began exhibiting his work in the late 70’s.

The work exhibited ‘Cog’ is a spherically determined system of geometry, exploring the sphere using discs of equal diameter arranged within equal spacing and excavations to form other under structures of solid geometry.

Hundreds of these hand sized spheres have been unearthed around North Britain and are of 3000 BC Neolithic origin. Many are found in the area of my upbringing. They have had a significant impression on my artistic endeavours and I have revisited this series over many years, playing with materials, scale and combinations.

There is much archaeological conjecture on the meaning of these carved balls, from divination devises to learning tools. They have for me the relations of atomic scale stacking and the morphology of organic growth within pollen grains, spores and radiolarian structures. I find them very pleasing to the eye and mind.

This simple phenomena of forms appearing so early in human history has intrigued me, as they must have also intrigued the mind of the Neolithic carvers.

Bringing them from hand size to large scale creates a harmonious spherical presence. The large bulging tori discs push outwardly in 6 radiant directions, exuding potential.