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When it comes to driftwood sculptures the best way Roderick Hall can describe it to people is, it’s just like building a three dimensional jigsaw puzzle. Except there is no picture on the box to look at, you’re not sure if you have all the pieces, and the actual correct pieces you have are hidden amongst thousands of other very similar looking pieces that don’t actually fit.

“This can make it a challenging medium to work with as it’s already in a set and rigid state.  You’re not telling it what you want it do in order to create something, essentially it tells you what to do”.

Because of this process, Roderick finds its especially rewarding to work with, taking something that sits on the beach who’s regular fate is to either slowly rot into nothing or end up as firewood and turning into art is a great process to be a part of. The satisfaction he gets after screwing in that last piece of wood and seeing what he’s made from a pile of sticks is unmatched in any other job Roderick has had.