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Brought up in rural Marlborough, Rebecca Rose lives and works in Titirangi, Auckland, and her work is represented throughout New Zealand and internationally. Her first works were figurative, often made of concrete. More recently Rebecca has been working with metal, creating landscape sculpture, which resonates in meaning with the natural environment. She takes her inspiration from nature, be it a walk along the beach or through the forest. Rebecca feels a strong interconnection with all things in nature and mankind and seeks to express this in her work. Her work is not dark or full of hidden concepts but light, accessible in meaning and form, provoking interest and contemplation. Modern engineering technologies of software design and laser cutting have allowed artists scope to create larger metal pieces with seemingly intricate patterns with accuracy impossible by hand.

Repeated patterns found in natural forms or tessellated mathematical shapes are able to executed: branching tree designs, leaf growth can be cut in varying shapes and sizes. Rebecca is fascinated with the hidden meta-physics and mathematical patterns found in nature, repeated patterns found from the smallest cellular structure to the universe. Computer-aided designs can aid the production of these. The final piece, however, still requires skill and dexterity of additional forming and welding, but it does allow artists and craftsmen a new and exciting medium. The success of the work is in the design and resolution of the final piece. A fine example of this is Sea Whirl, a large circular disc hanging from a tree branch where the wind and light create an aesthetic dance. Part of Rebecca’s philosophy is a desire for interaction with her  work. Her recent work Sea Anemone, bought for Cottesloe Beach, near Perth, Australia, is six metres in diameter. Sea Anemone demonstrates Rebecca’s versatility as an artist. The subject matter is relevant to the site, and the construction also takes the site into consideration. It is made of painted hand-pulled tubular steel, designed and engineered to withstand the rigours of a busy public beach. Rebecca particularly enjoys the sight of children playing on and around this playful work. Rebecca Rose wishes to spread love and joy through her work  and does so through the careful design and execution of sophisticated pieces that grace both public and private domains.