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Much of Peter Collis’ work has been about making the perfect vessel, the perfect orb, a wheel thrown object whose perfect form is revealed by light.

The physical factors, clay, glaze and fire, have always been a challenge in the processes in making ceramics.  Understanding this materiality has been becoming a more important concern in Collis’ work as he pursues a fascination with developing different clays and glazes, pushing materials to their limits.

His most recent work uses “Soft Paste porcelain” or “Frita” which has enabled him to make pieces, which combine all the elements that he been using for the last 10 years or so. A translucent material with a soft, self-glazed surface, he has been pushing the open tracery of the Waka series but in a more abstract form dictated by the trailing of such soft clay. This material has little or no “body” and in the tradition of the “Collapsing forms” slumps delicately during firing, creating one-off pieces of great delicacy where the negative spaces and shadows cast are as important as the clay object itself.