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After visiting New Zealand in 1996 and 1997 Niko Thomsen moved here permanently in 1999. After moving to the Wairarapa he established himself as a working artist, exhibiting regularly, and accepting many varied commissions.

Niko is a skilled artisan, and his recent work is diverse – from bridges, gates and garden structures to furniture, blacksmithing and contemporary art.

“During my time at the Ottersberg Art School near Bremen in Germany, were I was studying to become a painter in the early 1990’s, I came across a welding machine down in the sculpture workshop, and decided that fusing different bits of metal together and creating something “real” was actually a lot more satisfying than trying to express myself through a somehow more abstract, two dimensional medium, the canvas.

Driven by the excitement of the physical engagement with a new material, the smell of oil and setting the old rubbish tin on fire, I started to create things with a real difference. They were heavy, sharp, dangerous, big, and they were made from steel”