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Mark Dimock full time artist for more that twenty five years, works from his home and studio in Eketahuna.  He has lived there since 1980 and has established a large studio workshop and gallery. Dimock has his own distinctive style but is prepared to work on commissioned pieces working with a buyer to produce pieces to their specifications of scale and even subject matter.  He is well known in New Zealand appearing in galleries throughout New Zealand.

Mark enjoys working with recycled materials, such as totara fence posts, hardwood power poles and abandoned agricultural equipment. Often the new work shows little of its previous life as in his bird and fish carvings from found timber. However, the old timbers give a warm glow and patina to the works.

His metal sculptures however, are sometimes compiled from old equipment such as knives and scythes. They may be modelled into the wing or body of a bird but their dark and dangerous past life is still prevalent.  His skill in this field is evident birds look as if they have landed on a post, wings still raised in flight and ready for take off.

Dimock says that ancient and primitive works has had an important influence on his work.  His paintings allude to this connection with the past and are strongly linked to his three dimensional work. Primitive mask forms, weaving, shields, wheels , stones placed together creating balanced and resolved works. His three dimensional work is often inspired by his paintings and these paintings seem inspired by a knowledge of myth,history and art movements.

His work makes a wonderful and interesting feature in any garden.