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Jacqui Gibbs Chamberlain is an artist of figurative subjects with life and energy. She lives and paints on an isolated farm in Port Levy, Banks Peninsula with her husband and daughter, Phoebe.

She has travelled extensively; the US for workshops, Papua New Guinea, China, India and Samoa. She has lived in Switzerland and has spent time painting in the Outback of Australia.

While Jacqui’s subject matter is invariably the human figure, it is secondary to her exploring shape, form and composition. With the layering of ideas and paint, the work becomes a myriad of vibrancy and movement.

This year’s exhibit offers the viewer somethings to consider.

I may look odd, quiet & strange.
Fragile most days, sometimes insane.
When Unzipped you will find, I’m the life of the party every time. I’ll make you laugh & smile with glee, once you unzip that part of me.