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Devyn Ormsby (b. 1993, Masterton) graduated from Elam School of Fine Arts with first class hons in 2015. Since graduating she has worked in various creative businesses to try and achieve the work/life/art balance and has found this in her current job (2017). Working as an artist assistant in a glass studio in Avondale. In this studio she has created her first series of glass artwork.

…..A series of glass fruit that explores the familiar ornament and re-imagines it in a new form. Through the process of glass casting techniques, Devyn pays homage to the blown glass fruit makers and collectors from the 1960’s.

The light playful approach to everyday fruit is contrasted with the heaviness of the crystal glass. A unique material that catches and reflects light. These objects are intended to provoke the senses and occupy a space where time may be kinder to them.

Her idea for this project was to reinterpret ornamental displays of fruit that were popular back in the day. Capsicums, Bananas, apples, oranges and grapes hanging in baskets, sitting on kitchen tables or windowsills, that you come across in op shops now.

They would be made from various materials; plastic, lucite, glass or wood which would usually be light, simplistic and exaggerated in form.  She cast fruit true to the original with as much detail as possible accompanied by the weight of crystal glass, to show the familiar texture of the dimpled mandarin and the smoothness of a pear.

A familiar everyday object worthy of contemplation that opens up the conversation around our relationship we have with objects and what they mean to us.