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David McCracken is a sculptor based in Auckland. He began sculpting in his teens, followed by working in a variety of jobs including boatbuilding and construction where he gained skills with glass and carbon fibre, steel fabrication, welding and woodwork. McCracken has also been involved in the performing arts including designing and making sets and props for theatre, dance and film production.

McCracken saw the potential of steel fabrication for quickly producing large set pieces and at the same time began making sculpture from readily available and inexpensive scrap when he could afford little else. He furthered his metal fabrication skills to include aluminium, stainless steel, titanium, and corten steel and began casting in bronze and stainless steel. In 2000 he had his first solo exhibition entitled Fabrications at the McPherson Gallery and exhibited an innovative floating installation in Lake Pupuke, Auckland at the Beecroft Sculpture exhibition, marking the beginning of a number of floating sculptures.

By 2003 he was sculpting full time, continually developing and adding to his vocabulary of systems and continuing to try new techniques such as hydroforming steel into complex compound forms with hydrostatic pressure, or driving over sheets of steel with a vehicle to create curves. He continues to experiment with water born sculpture and is developing systems for large scale land-art installations. McCracken has exhibited widely in outdoor exhibitions including Sculpture on the Gulf (Waiheke Island) and Sculpture by the Sea (in Sydney) and has received a number of awards for his work.

His recent work is based on early aircraft delivered bombs e.g. the tallboy and grandslam designed by Barnes Wallis. These specific shapes formed a cartoonish shorthand for ‘bomb’ for a time in the twentieth century. These reinterpretations in stainless steel bring to mind children’s inflatable toys but challenge us not to forget their gruesome purpose. Plain View operates within a lineage from Pop Art onwards where stylised, high-key colour objects mined from our material culture lure and provoke.

He has commissions in New Zealand and internationally and has been showing with Gow Langsford Gallery, Auckland since 2010.