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Born and bred in Ashburton, Brent Holley moved away in the early 90s, returning with his young family 5 years ago.  Brent comes from a back ground in logistics and process design, but his passion lies in creating objects to be touched and viewed.

Up until five years ago, he dreamt of creating pieces from wood, stone and steel. Then one day he decided to start following that passion.

Using different materials to create pieces that entice the sense, Brent’s aim when working is to create pieces that encourage the viewer to reach out and touch it, feel its curves and the energy in the work.

The inspiration comes from many different places from nature, stories, myths and snap shots of everyday life. When people feel a real connection to his work that is probably the best compliment.

Organising the Ashburton Stone Carving Symposium in October 2014 was a highlight for Brent. Bringing his passion for stone carving /sculpting to the people of Ashburton, it was a great experience.