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Bob McQuarrie’s work is functional stoneware made on the potter’s wheel using local materials as much as possible. The clays used are entirely formulated from locally sourced material. Sometimes clay can be used directly as dug, but usually it needs to be processed to remove unwanted material such as roots, stones or sand. Often clays from several sources are combined to achieve a workable clay body.

Glazes are formulated to produce the desired decorative effects. Many glazes utilise wood ash to produce unique glaze effects. Often a glaze will be more suited to a particular clay body and sometimes pots are left unglazed to feature the texture of the clay body.

Bob’s kiln is wood fired, using dry pine as fuel. This is a plentiful low-cost fuel, grown on his own property, and comes from trees he planted about thirty years ago. Wood firing enhances the pot’s surface when ash is deposited on the unglazed clay, fusing to a natural glaze. Ash can also be saved for use in glazes.